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making your ITALIAN wedding day unique is the main goal of my work

Every bride and groom would like their wedding feast to be unique and unforgettable, and Italy is for sure the place you’re seeking for a perfect love promise. Setting everything up is no easy task, especially when the celebration is going to take place in a different country, so what you really need is a reliable professional who’ll be able to plan the whole thing from the distance.

My name is Simona Imparato, and my advice on your Italian wedding will help you plan the perfect day for you. My team and I will guide you through every single aspect of a typically Italian wedding, showing you the most fascinating locations and organizing all the details that will finally make your dream come true.

Planning the perfect wedding day isn’t easy at all: that’s the most romantic day in the life of a couple. So, hiring a professional who loves her job and wants it to be excellent is the right choice!

Make perfect your Italian wedding