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The secret behind a perfect Italian wedding is to rely on serious professionals who perfectly know the area. Through the excellence of the services they choose, only such wedding experts are capable of telling the soul of a land that is full of beauty, history and culture.
To be a wedding planner in Italy, the land of romanticism, is a very fascinating challenge.Even more if you work in the marvellous scenario of the Amalfi Coast,where the sun, the sea and the art have always made the tourists of the world fall in love. That’s why all of them choose the so-called “Costa Divina” to fulfill their romantic dream.
Be it a glamourous, cultural, country or romantic wedding, there’s no place in the world like Italy that serves like a perfect stage for a romance. For this reason, hundreds of newlyweds a year, from Europe or the United States, pick Italy in general and the Amalfi Coast in particular, as the place where they can exchange their love promises, with a celebration that is perfect in every single detail.

The Amalfi Coast

The Divine Coast is the most romantic stage in the world where two newlyweds can live their most beautiful day. You will stare at the breathtaking landscapes, the fascinating coast and the pieces of art that enrich this land full of history and culture. The hills embellished with their lemon gardens, the ancient monuments and the dreamy views on the Gulf of Salerno will frame your wedding day from the most exclusive venues in Amalfi, Atrani, Positano, Sorrento, Ravello, Maiori and all the places we’ll suggest for an unforgettable emotional day.

The Cilento Coast

Policastro, the blue sea that washes the Cilento Coast: all the lucky people who discover this wonderful places fall in love in front of it. Every corner hides precious treasures of the Magna Graecia, like the Temples of Paestum, an evocative background where you will have the chance to live the magic of your Italian wedding.


From one end to the other, the long Apulia region will spellbind you with its small and  old towns, natural reservoirs and architectural treasures where styles and influences are blended together giving life to a mix of pure beauty. Spending a day in an old Apulian farm, surrounded by Nature and the sunlight, walking through a vineyard with glasses full of wine in your hands after visiting the cellar, moving to the nearby villages of the Salento Coast whose crystal sea makes the area known as “the Apulian Maldives”, will turn your wedding experience into something truly unique.



Who’s never been to Naples feels attracted by its charm, but who’s already been there is eternally in love with its soul. Here, every single place tells of a century-old story, made of folk traditions, culture and passion. When walking through the old alleys of the city centre, or in the areas that are washed by the sea with Mount Vesuvius in the background, or among the ruins of Pompeii, and in every single spot at the bottom the famous volcano, you’ll feel wrapped up by brand-new energy that you’ll hardly forget: that’s the perfect corner of the world for your “I do”.